Ideal Factory

With Opex Consulting Group’s more than 25 years experience in the manufacturing world, an ideal factory would look like this:

The customer pipeline and existing customers are managed thru a CRM.

Enquiries and request for quotations are done thru CPQ which is integrated to the CRM.

The product is designed with CAD and managed in PLM. CAM is used where applicable.

The PLM is linked to ERP which manages the financials and the entire supply chain. Production lines are controlled with MES which is integrated to the ERP via APS.

Each of the key equipment is equipped with sensors, IIoT and predictive maintenance system. The energy spent is tracked realtime. The spare parts are managed to the optimum via an SPMS.

The warehouse is controlled and managed digitally.

Paper-based visual, dashboard and project tracking are something in the past. The CI tracker and dashboards are in digital form.

Report generation, demand forecast consolidation, invoicing process and other mundane administrative work are automated with RPA and various digitalization solutions.

On top of these, there is a realtime digital dashboard employee can access via his/her smartphone. The managers and directors can approve anything from their smartphone, from expense claim (linked to HRMS), PR/PO (linked to ERP), or quotation (linked to CRM and CPQ).

With all these in place, the company leadership can then focus on the world’s biggest problem and opportunity at the same time: human.

If all the above acronyms and technical terms sound foreign and intimidating, then you should contact us for a free advice through email [email protected].

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