Outdated Software Woes

There was a period of time when we encountered several cases where companies face troubles with their outdated softwares. The businesses are facing the risks of being left behind by competitors, increased cost due to productivity issues and hidden problems.

In one case, the software was built in-house by their IT team. Source code is available but based on an outdated programming platform, OS and database. The original programmers have left the company. New IT team faces huge challenge just to understand the algorithm, let alone upgrading it.

On the other case, it was a purchased software and has been used for 10 years or so without any maintenance contract. The version they are using is completely outdated and no longer supported.

Does this problem sound familiar to you? It is a typical problem that many companies face. Company leadership team needs to have foresight to see beyond the next few years when engaging a new technology prevent the situation above. Having professional consultants to advise the business will be helpful as they bring experiences from other companies, other industries, known best practices and common pitfalls to avoid.

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