Statistical Tests

Many of us learned about t-test and F-test when we were in university. It was part of a compulsory subject called Industrial Metrology.

Typically we knew how to do the calculations and knowledgeable enough to get an A for the subject but we didn’t really know how to apply these two tests in real life.

Some of us who were lucky enough to be exposed to statistics in our workplace, we understood the importance of these statistical tests, how to use them and how the tests helped us in making decisions.

So how do we use these tests in real life?

A manager decided to conduct a training program for all his employees with the aim of increasing their productivity levels.

He measured the productivity levels before and after the training program. He then uses t-test to see if the productivity levels are the same or have improved after the training.

A scientist conducts tests of a vaccine candidate on 5 groups of people.

He uses F-test to find out if the variances of the vaccine efficacy on those 5 groups are the same or not.

Follow this link for a refresher on what these tests are.

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